Introductory Class


The Pfahl Semester is a research-interview series with guests passionate about education. As your host and facilitator, I have met with experts and industry-leading individuals on how we as students learn and how we can collectively build the communities we want to live in.  Read more about this mission here.

In the first semester—dubbed Tennessee 101—, our learning will be facilitated through classes that include conversations with the following individuals:

  1. Julie G. Ezold: Californium-252 Program Manager at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  2. A 3D printing wizard
  3. A nationally renowned stage manager
  4. A vice president of academic affairs at a local college
  5. A music instructor at an alternative early childhood school
  6. A successful business owner and restauranteur
  7. A charter school administrator
  8. A zoo educator
  9. A government official
  10. A philosophizing and academic dean of a private school

Classes will be made available bi-weekly from December 4th - April 6th, after which the series will return to production. If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed, please reach out through the contact form on this site. 

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