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The Host

Jonathan Pfahl (pronounced Fall - thus the double entendre of "Fall" and "Pfahl") is a Tennessean with a background in computer programming and educational technology. He wants to create new types of schools, elevate the status of teachers, and help citizens learn to differentiate between educational endeavors, and miseducational forces.

J. Pfahl is currently the Training Curriculum Developer for a startup based in San Francisco, regularly performs as a supernumerary actor with the Nashville Opera Company, and works as a freelance photographer in the southeast. For a gallery of his photography, visit this page



We live in the most extraordinary and remarkable period in history and while we have significant challenges facing us, we can overcome them. We can do this by collaborating to create neighborhoods and communities that are well-informed, well-intentioned, and well-ready to accept responsibility for our actions (both locally and globally). 

By creating new schools we can decrease world suck, provide our children with better opportunities, and live the lives we want while being gainfully employed. I’m interviewing insightful persons that can help me understand what it would take to build a new type of school for the 21st century and beyond. 

Why a podcast?

By turning my interviews into a podcast series, I can continue discussions online with strangers around the world, make connections, and gain unique perspectives. From what the experts say, we need to be making drastic changes if we want to change schools. I'm confident that real change will be made once we educate ourselves and our children how to live sustainable, purchase rationally, contribute locally, and treat one another with kindness and compassion. Outside of children, all students––independent of age––should have the right to become gainfully employed, to contribute to their friends and families, and feel as though their lives are important. 

How are the episodes produced?

I’m interviewing individuals at my own expense, recording with equipment I purchased with the advice of some audio engineer friends. I went through some online training classes to use editing and recording software, and everything is self produced. This truly is a self funded and operated endeavor! I'm passionate about education, if you couldn't tell.

All music throughout the series is sourced royalty-free from Kimiko Ishizaka’s recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.